Substance Abuse

KRIYA - Substance Abuse Intervention Unit


CREA specializes in substance abuse intervention both in terms of pioneering in adopting the tenets of Social Learning/Socio Cognitive Model (Bandura, A. 1977) in Bangladesh and creating a number of self-sustaining units offering a treatment course far more comprehensive than those offered by similar treatment centers in the country. CREA’s substance abuse intervention units widely known as ‘Kriya’, covers clients from all socio-demographical sections of the country. Following the basic tenets of Social Learning Model, CREA perceives drug-abusing behavior as an outcome of faulty coping or learning process. The principal focus of the program is to offer an environment conducive to erasing those faults and replacing them with appropriate coping skills.

Approaches of Treatment Program & Other Services

Multidisciplinary approach with an emphasis on the basic tenets of learning principles

  • Demand and Harm Reduction

  • Therapeutic Community (TC)

  • Psychosocial service

  • Self-Help Group

  • Family involvement

  • Out Door service (for both male and female clients) [+]


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