Mission & Vision

CREA envisages a human society of healthy and creative individuals aware of their rights and responsibilities, proactive to create a society free from all stigmas and discriminations, and open to new ideas for actualization of their potentials.

CREA will promote and advance public awareness, education, and health services for improving community wellbeing within the context of scientific knowledge.


  • OPENNESS: (we are) open to new ideas and criticism and (keen to) unprejudiced study of the changing phenomena.
  • NON-DISCRIMINATION: (we are) responsive to the needs of the beneficiaries irrespective of sex, race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, socio-economic condition, and type of morbidity.
  • COMMITMENT: (we are committed) to build a society of healthy and creative individuals.
  • INTEGRITY: (we value integrity) of intention and honest, transparent action.

Social Updates