Advocacy & Awareness

The Advocacy & Awareness Unit of CREA carries out need assessments from time to time to identify issues relevant to CREA thematic areas, chalks out advocacy activities, organizes advocacy events, and maintains networks with other agencies and organizations for related activities. The unit also identifies issues that require awareness-raising interventions and develops IEC/BCC materials accordingly, contacts potential recipient agencies of awareness programs, liaises with print and electronic media, and publishes magazines, journals, etc. It develops concepts and project/program proposals for awareness interventions on its own.

CREA has been bringing out a publication titled "Jibaner Utsaab" (Celebration of Life). It’s a Bangla publication on HIV/AIDS, Drug Dependence and Mental Health issues covering articles to break stigma and misconceptions attached to HIV/AIDS, Drug Abuse and Mental Illness.  

(Jibaner Utsab)

The unit has implemented a number of awareness-raising projects such as DEKHA which was aimed at enabling school students and teachers to achieve clear understanding of and form their own standpoint on issues relating to drug abuse and associated HIV risks and continue with the awareness activities with their respective schools through community involvement.

(CREA-VSO Partnership overview)


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