General Objectives

  1. To reduce substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, mental and community health vulnerability among men, women, adolescent boys and girls, children and transgender to access improved services in prevention, treatment, care and support.
  2. To exclusively advocate for supportive policies for vulnerable persons affected by substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, mental health and community health related issues
  3. To develop knowledge base on substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, mental health and community health.


Objectives with supporting strategies:

  • Being an effective organization (institutionalization)
  • Raising awareness of the mass on issues like substance abuse, HIV/AIDS and General and Mental health and do advocacy at policy and all stake holder level on the same issues
  • Develop a number of health service delivery system
  • Develop knowledge base on thematic areas ( i.e. Substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, Mental & Community health) through social and scientific research and related publications
  • Building network and partnership with national and international organizations pursuing human development objectives
  • Ensure sustainability of the CREA Society


Operational strategies:

To carry out effective the tasks laid out by the general objectives CREA has chosen five operational strategies, which are:

  1. Research
  2. Training & Education
  3. Project Development
  4. Advocacy & Awareness &
  5. Social Business


Social Updates