Organizational Background


The inception of CREA on 01 November 1999 was to serve the country’s substance-dependant people and their families by offering a culture-sensitive and, at the same time, low-cost, scientific treatment program that would ensure a lower rate of relapse, i.e., a higher rate of treatment success. The organization launched its operations by mobilizing local resources and with fulltime involvement of its founding directors, who were adequately conversant with treatment and rehabilitation of substance dependence. The initiation of CREA as a trendsetter had two dimensions. One was to set an example that a “drug rehab” center could sustain completely on local resources, which was not the reality of the time, as similar centers were very much dependent on foreign funding and donation. This instance later inspired others, mainly ex-users at the grassroots, to venture into setting up such generic centers across the country. The second dimension was application and promotion of modern approaches (Social Learning Theory etc.) in the understanding of and interventions in drug dependence and related high-risk behaviors. CREA expanded its activities to other areas of development by incorporating the organization into a Society in 2004 under Section 21 of the Societies Act, 1860.


Social Updates