• CREA offers 90 days residential treatment program.
  • CREA boasts a 96% program completion rate ranking us among the best rehabilitation centers in the bangladesh. whereas, the average rehabilitation completion rate in the world is under 50 percent.
  • CREA is safe, private and confidential. All interaction with clients is conducted in accordance with our strict privacy policy. All our staff is bound by non-disclosure agreements, keeping the decision to tell others firmly in our client’s hands.
  • CREA is the right environment where anybody can boost his motivation. So drug free then becomes possible.
  • CREA understands that managing stress is critical to any successful rehabilitation. After all, stress is frequently a catalyst for substance abuse. From our tranquil settings to group activities, our programs allow our clients to relax so they can make clear decisions about the direction they want their lives to take.
  • CREA includes a 24-hour  medical service in their treatment package. 
  • CREA adapts the best treatments in the world to help our client’s recover – we do not believe one-size-fits-all. Our innovative approach treats each person as a unique individual, tailoring a personalized recovery program that develops both mind and body.
  • CREA intensive programs look at the whole person not just the addiction, arming them with skills to continue their recovery in the real world.

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