Theory & Model

CREA is considered the pioneer in Bangladesh in adopting the doctrine of Social Learning/Socio-Cognitive Model (Banduara, A. 1977) in substance abuse intervention.  Its self-sustaining units offering a unique and wide-ranging  treatment course than other treatment centers offered.  

What is social learning/socio cognitive model?

Classical conditioning and operant conditioning describe how we learn from direct experience. However, humans usually learn by observing others. This is called social learning. Social learning is the most common way that people learn. Therefore, it has important implications for recovery efforts. An important idea in social learning theory is that humans pick up a lot of their behavior from observing other people. Not only do individuals observe how others behave but they will start to copy such behaviors if they feel it will be beneficial to do so. This type of modeling allows the individual to pick up important skills so that they can cope better in the world.

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