Drug Treatment Program

If one abuses drugs such as Yaba, marijuana, heroin, sleeping pills, liquor, Phensedyl, injecting pharmaceuticals etc, one eventually becomes habituated to them and feels intense craving to take them. Then, if one is unable to take them, one suffers intensely both physically and psychologically. It becomes tough for one to function normally. Despite suffering physical and psychological damages from long-term drug abuse, and despite being willing, it is impossible for many to quit drugs on one’s own. This is drug dependence. Some people term it drug addiction. Drug dependence is not a disease. It’s a bad habit formed from long-term drug abuse. Although many people think it is not possible to quit drugs. But the truth is a part of the drug dependent can give up drugs on one’s own. But, many are unable to quit drugs by themselves. They can get rid of the dependence only through proper and effective treatment.

The program combines of the following approaches: 

Co-occurring issues, such as anxiety, depression or psychosis symptoms, are evaluated and treated as part of the personalized care plan for each client. Real-time treatment for co-occurring issues and addictions is essential for recovery. While our dual diagnosis specialists are certified and working with many types of mental health issues, disorders such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, depression, paranoia, active suicidality or delusional behavior are appropriate for care at CREA.

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