Choose the Right Rehab

Following the success of rehab centers, some clinics or detoxification centers have been pretending to be rehabs, although they lack many of the important elements of rehabilitation. Due to such incomplete treatment structure, many individuals and their families receiving services from such centers have not done well and so have become confused and frustrated about the entire drug dependence treatment situation. So it is essential to select the right rehab center to receive effective treatment services.  

The process of choosing the best rehab facility -- whether for drug addiction or behavioral addiction issues -- can be complicated. Studies have proven that residential rehab facilities are the most helpful, effectual and medically sound way to treat drug dependency. The first stage of residential rehab often includes detoxification. During detoxification, the patient is slowly weaned off their substance abuse. Because the body has become habituated to specific levels of drugs, withdrawal symptoms may occur as the substance leaves the body. These withdrawal symptoms can be very severe, and even life threatening. As a result, detoxification should be under the guidance and supervised by medical professional facility.

Treating the psychological addiction to drugs is usually the second step of the residential rehab process. Generally, this segment of recovery involves the deployment of medical, psychological and peer support. Individual counseling sessions, group therapy, life skills courses and balancing activities are generally part of in house addiction treatment.

After care / follow up is an ongoing process that continues after a client has completed a rehab program. Aftercare provides services which will make transitioning into a new life with new habits and new ways of thinking more successful with less risk of relapse.

Things to check include:

  • Program accreditation and licensing. 
  • The effectiveness of the program's treatment methods. 
  • Type of aftercare services to prevent relapse. 

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