Family Consultation Services

Drug dependence severely affects abusers and their family. Oftentimes, it is up to the family members to take the early steps necessary to get their loved ones into rehab. The transition to rehab is not always easy. It may take guts, strength of mind and tolerance. Your loved ones may be so deep into drug or alcohol dependence that they may not want help. They may not even think that they have an alcohol or drug problem. It may take a few members of the family coming together to have an involvement and tackle a loved one about their alcohol or drug abuse.

Learn about CREA's Family Awareness Program - understanding substance dependence, how it is treated and how to support your loved ones. 

The good news is that family members can have the most influence over a drug dependent. As long as they come from a place of love, concern and compassion, a spouse or a parent may have the power to encourage a loved one that he or she has a problem. Getting a dear one into a drug rehab program is the best way to help him/her crack free from dependence and begin to restructure one’s life. At CREA, we recognize the important role that family plays in getting a dear one into rehab.

Family Consultation Services - Getting Your Loved One into Drug and Alcohol Rehab

We accept calls and emails on a daily basis from worried mothers, fathers, spouses, brothers and other extended family members. We discuss with anxious family members who are upset over a dear one's destructive dependence on drugs or alcohol. No one wants their dear one to suffer and will ready to help they need to get them back.

Picking up the phone and making a call to our rehab centre for a family consultation is the first step in bringing your loved one to rehab.

We recognize and believe that drug dependence is a destructive force. Often times, the family members who speak to us for a discussion have been going through from having money or possessions stolen to bailing a loved one out of jail, visiting them in the hospital, and watching them throw their life away. These are the terrible incidents family members have had to bear.

Our family consultation services can assist you to take the next steps getting your loved one into a rehab program. The purpose of our family consultation services is to make this transition trouble-free, smooth, and uncomplicated as possible. We realize that you have already been through a lot and rehab may be another challenge. This is why as part of our family consultation services, our well-trained, experienced staff and counselors can provide you the guidance and encouragement you need during this critical transitional period.

Family Consultation Services - Learning to Rebuild Lives and Relationships

At CREA, we understand that relationships are often destroyed by drug dependence. Learning how to rebuild relationships is a fundamental part of creating a new and healthy drug-free lifestyle. During rehab, your loved one will work through the root cause of their dependence and the things that led them to abuse drugs. They will receive daily counseling to gain insight into their dependence and learn the steps to live drug-free life. In addition, they will learn the skills necessary to start rebuilding relationships through our treatment.


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