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CREA’s affordable and sustainable drug treatment programs provide the highest quality evidenced-based care for our clients. With four prime locations in Dhaka, Rajshai, Khulna and Barishal; our drug addiction treatment programs firmly denounce the idea that rehab means doing “hard time”. A balance of adequate rest, workload, class, session, recreation, games, recuperation, and true recovery are possible at CREA. CREA’s rehabilitation can be a positive experience, and one that doesn’t require deprivation. CREA enjoys an average completion rate of 98 percent. With the average success rate overall at 52%, this makes CREA one of the most effectual and utmost ranking drug treatment programs in the Bangladesh. CREA’s qualified and skilled team is highly trained and experienced in a wide range of therapy and treatment approaches. Each client receives a customized treatment plan that includes multiple modalities of care.


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