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Crea:Transforming Lives Through Social Learning and Innovative Approach

At Crea – Drug and Alcohol Rehab Bangladesh, we work with you around the issues that affect your life adversely. We believe that when the underlying issues are being deal with, the desire to use drugs or alcohol will lessen. Drugs or alcohol are not usually the problem, but are misused as a temporary answer. Offering cutting edge addiction treatment at five of the most serene settings imaginable, CREA is the leading destination for drug and alcohol rehabilitation and recovery in Bangladesh. CREA provides professional, private, world-class treatment programs at our flagship location on Dhaka, Rajshai, Barisal, Noyakhali. • CREA is one of the world’s most cost effective rehabilitation solutions. We believe everyone should have access to affordable and effective rehabilitation. Offering equivalent, or better, treatment to programs easily charging 10 times our rates, many people find it more affordable to fly to CREA than to undertake rehabilitation in their own country. • CREA is safe, private and confidential. No record of our client’s treatment is on file with third parties. All our staff is bound by non-disclosure agreements, keeping the decision to tell others firmly in our client’s hands. • CREA understands that managing stress is critical to any successful rehabilitation. After all, stress is frequently a catalyst for substance abuse. From our tranquil settings to group activities, our programs allow our clients to relax so they can make clear decisions about the direction they want their lives to take. • CREA includes a 24-hour full medical assessment in their treatment package. • CREA adapts the best treatments in the world to help our client’s recover – we do not believe one-size-fits-all. Our innovative approach treats each person as a unique individual, tailoring a personalized recovery program that develops both mind and body. • CREA intensive programs look at the whole person not just the addiction, arming them with skills to continue their recovery in the real world. • CREA caters most professional and highly trained counselors working in the region today.

Our Services

Medical Check-up and Observation

All clients, after entering rehab at CREA, will be thoroughly examined, observed and accessed for 72 hours for a full medical assessment which is included in the price of your CREA treatment package.

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Medical Detox

The focus of detoxification is physiological healing after long-term drug addiction – first, through stabilization and then through detoxification. Medical detoxification can be facilitated as part of our program; CREA will, however, be responsible for the fees included in the price. This process is still substantially less expensive in CREA than others.

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Rehab Aftercare Planning

We have a large network of aftercare specialists around the world that we regularly communicate with through social media. If you come from an area where we cannot locate a suitable therapist, Our several counselors who specialize working on the telephone and via videoconferencing. Your aftercare will be arranged prior to your departure.

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Respect and Flexibility

This is your rehabilitation programme, and we fully understand that some of our clients need to maintain recreation and productivity while undergoing rehabilitation. There are no restrictions on playing indoor games, watching TV, reading books during non-course hours.

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